A 7-Minute Guide to Mindful Planning.

In the hustle and bustle of today’s world, finding focus and recognizing your true priorities can be a simple centering practice. In just seven steps, spanning a mere seven minutes (at first it may take 15 minutes), you can embrace clarity and take a compassionate view on your life priorities.

Step 1: Discover Your Core Priorities

Begin with a piece of paper, where you jot down 5-8 main priorities currently residing in your head, heart and body, you are welcome to include soul and spirit. Think not of the entire year just the next three months. These priorities may include:

  • Financial success
  • Spirituality 
  • Being in service 
  • Achieving a sassy and strong, healthy body
  • Nurturing your romantic relationship
  • Enhancing your creativity
  • Personal growth and learning
  • Creating a beautiful home environment
  • Exploring new travel opportunities

Step 2: Select the Month’s Essence

From your list, choose the five priorities that speak most profoundly to you in the coming month:

Top 5 

  • Financial success.
  • Achieving a sassy and strong, healthy body.
  • Enhancing your creativity.
  • Nurturing your romantic relationship.
  • Personal growth and learning.

Top 3 

Now, narrow down to the top three priorities, the ones that you want to focus on. 

  • Financial success.
  • Achieving a sassy and strong, healthy body.
  • Enhancing your creativity.

Step 3: Refine Your Top Three Priorities

Take a moment to evaluate whether your top priorities are areas of your life that already receive consistent effort. For instance, if you’ve been diligently working on your spirituality for years, it might not need to be in your top three. Choose the areas that genuinely require your attention. This step is essential to avoid feeling overwhelmed and ensure your focus is on areas that genuinely need space and time .

From my 20 years of experience in productivity, I can assure you that having just three top priorities will help you stay focused, achieve your goals, and prevent overwhelm. 

Once these priorities are in place or achieved, you can add others.

Step 4: Set Specific Goals for Each Priority

For each of your top three priorities, establish 1-2 achievable goals, intentions, or milestones for the upcoming month. Be realistic and consider your schedule. 


Priority 1:

  • Allocate 3 hours per week towards book writing.
  • Dedicate 10 hours per month to marketing efforts.

Priority 2:

  • Commit to 2 pilates classes per week.

Priority 3:

  • Attend one dance class per week.
  • Spend 30 minutes dancing at home every week.

Step 5: Schedule Your Tasks

Take some time with your calendar and planner to schedule when you will work on these tasks. Start with small, manageable commitments. Remember that small, consistent efforts can lead to significant achievements.

You may need to redefine the tasks for your goals based on availability in your calendar. 

Step 6: Create a Visual Reminder

Write down your priorities and tasks on a piece of paper with the header “Month – Priorities” and “Month – Tasks.” Place it where you can see it daily or periodically on your desk.

You can add everything in digital space, based on your preferences. It can be Google Excel, Notion, Todoiest and other applications.

Step 7: Plan Your Monthly Focus Moment

In your calendar, allocate 15 minutes for a monthly Focus moment with yourself. During this time, review what you’ve accomplished. If you use a digital version, move completed tasks to the “done” section. 

Learning to plan and make it habit may take some time be patient with yourself. It is always great to have an expert to become great at planing.


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