A 90-minute Strategy Session with а Mindfulness Productivity Coach

Unlock Your Focus and Clarity: A Mindful Approach to Productivity

In a world that often champions speed, finding a moment to pause and reflect can be a crucial step towards meaningful progress. The 90-minute Strategy Session with a Mindfulness Productivity Coach, creates space where the pace slows down to ensure you achieve clarity and move forward with intention.

Marina Romashko

What to Expect

Dive into a tailored 90-minute session meticulously shaped around your specific needs. This unique experience blends mindfulness exercises with strategic planning techniques, fostering a tranquil yet focused environment.

Expect guided mindfulness practices seamlessly interwoven with strategic discussions, fostering a balanced and purposeful approach to setting realistic priorities, understanding your productivity flow, and crafting mindful goals.

Who Can Benefit

This session caters to professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking to incorporate mindfulness into their strategic planning. Whether feeling overwhelmed or seeking a more streamlined approach, this session helps reclaim focus and chart a purposeful path forward.

Your Results

By the session’s conclusion, you’ll possess a mindful strategy tailored to your aspirations. Depart with a clear roadmap and mindfulness tools to navigate challenges, both professional and personal.

What's Included


Guided mindfulness exercises for grounding and centering


In-depth discussions to assess current challenges and objectives


Strategic planning to outline actionable steps and priorities


Personalized strategies for integrating mindfulness into your routine

Benefits of a Strategy Session


Attain clarity and focus amidst the noise.


Develop a mindful approach to decision-making and planning.


Cultivate resilience and reduce stress in professional life.


Align goals with a mindful, purpose-driven vision

The art of knowing is knowing what to ignore.

– Rumi

What Clients Say

After every energy and coaching session, I have a big breakthrough that moves my medical practice forward. It helps me to stay in touch with my spiritual practice, see a bigger vision and reminds me to co-create with the Divine.

Dr. Laura Torrado

Working with Marina, both coaching and energy healing work, keeps me on track with my big vision to help as many people as possible. It energizes me, brings clarity and opens up new horizons.

Prasanth Nair

Coaching with Marina allowed me to create an appropriate productivity flow to write and publish my book “Energy Matters: Guidebook”.

Zuyapa Jackson

Doing energy healing work with Marina removed procrastination blocks. It progressed me with my projects that I could not start doing for months. Now they all are getting done. Feeling high energy, focused, and motivated.

Rafay Khalid

Energy and coaching work with Marina helped me to increase self-awareness, build skills to better manage stress, and be more productive in my professional and personal life.

Janet A.

Coaching with Marina allowed me to create an appropriate productivity flow to write and publish my book “Energy Matters: Guidebook”.

Zuyapa Jackson
Work with the best

How to Get Started

To embark on this mindful journey towards strategic clarity, schedule your 90-minute Strategy Session today. 


Book your session and prepare to recalibrate your approach, finding strength in slowing down to progress towards your goals.


Receive an optional homework for you to connect with yourself and provide additional information to the coach prior to the session.


Strategy Session


After the session you will receive a detailed recap and an action plan.

Embrace mindfulness and strategic clarity. Start your journey today!

Still have questions? Feel free to book a complementary call with Marina Romashko.

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