A 2-hour Life Activation Session to activate your spiritual DNA

Your energy is your signature in the universe.

Let it be a masterpiece of healing and joy.

The Life Activation Session is a 2 hour, 1-on-1 session to awaken the spiritual blueprint of your DNA, the core of your being.

Marina Romashko

What to Expect

During Life Activation several layers of your physical and energetic system will be rebalanced and attuned to a higher state of being. From this session you will feel harmonized and energized, ready to move forward in your life with a greater sense of physical and spiritual alignment.

To help you achieve a sense of peace and connection between your mind, body, soul and spirit, the session includes different energy alignments such as:

  • Crown Cap Removal
  • 16 Lotus Petal Awakening
  • Elemental and Magnetic Line Balancing
  • Energy Centers Balancing
  • Negative Crystal Removal
  • Brief Intuitive Reading

Your Results

  • Feel a sense of peace, balance, and centeredness
  • Clears family and genetic karmic patterns
  • Strengthened immune system and response
  • Relief from anxiety and depression
  • Assistance in increasing personal abundance
  • Greater physical energy and mental acuity
  • Assistance in breaking of old unhealthy habits
  • Greater connection to your Higher Self

What's Included


Guided mindfulness exercises for grounding and centering


In-depth discussions to assess current challenges and objectives


Energy healing session


Two homeopathic elixirs to assist with the integrating the energy from the session


Complementary call in two weeks after session to discuss changes that may appear

Benefits of a Life Activation Session

While we all know about our biological DNA, what many of us are now finding out is that we have spiritual DNA as well. And it is the activation of our spiritual DNA that integrates the body, mind and soul, which in turn allows us to fulfill our life purpose and live an authentic life.

Life Activation is the key that activates your spiritual DNA. When it is turned on, and it literally is like a switch to a new energy, a multitude of your gifts that have lain dormant will be awakened and new opportunities will start to unfold.

Through a process of releasing and clearing patterns that limit your potential, you will effortlessly thrive.

Connect to your life purpose and live an authentic life.

What Clients Say

After every energy and coaching session, I have a big breakthrough that moves my medical practice forward. It helps me to stay in touch with my spiritual practice, see a bigger vision and reminds me to co-create with the Divine.

Dr. Laura Torrado

Working with Marina, both coaching and energy healing work, keeps me on track with my big vision to help as many people as possible. It energizes me, brings clarity and opens up new horizons.

Prasanth Nair

Coaching with Marina allowed me to create an appropriate productivity flow to write and publish my book “Energy Matters: Guidebook”.

Zuyapa Jackson

Doing energy healing work with Marina removed procrastination blocks. It progressed me with my projects that I could not start doing for months. Now they all are getting done. Feeling high energy, focused, and motivated.

Rafay Khalid

Energy and coaching work with Marina helped me to increase self-awareness, build skills to better manage stress, and be more productive in my professional and personal life.

Janet A.

Coaching with Marina allowed me to create an appropriate productivity flow to write and publish my book “Energy Matters: Guidebook”.

Zuyapa Jackson

How to Get Started

To embark on this energetical journey of transformation and healing  schedule your 2 hour Life Activation today. 


Book your session and prepare to recalibrate your approach, finding strength in slowing down to progress towards your life purpose, more energy and joy.


Receive an optional homework for you to connect with yourself and provide additional information to the coach prior to the session.


Life Activation Session in person


After the session, you will receive a recap with suggestions on what can be done after the session.

Embrace mindfulness and energetic clarity. Start your journey today!

Still have questions? Feel free to book a complementary call with Marina Romashko.

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Within the dance of energy healing work lies the power of transformation.

Embrace the healing currents, and watch as your essence unfolds into a tapestry of renewed strength, vibrant love, and the profound beauty of transformation.

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