Executive coaching for entrepreneurs, idea people, multitaskers and humans who care about making a difference everyday.

The art of knowing is knowing what to ignore


Do you feel overwhelmed and frustrated with too many tasks and too little time?

Wouldn’t you prefer to feel focused and productive, with time to work on what’s most important to you? Well, it’s a lot simpler than you think!

All you need to understand is what to ignore so that you can create a productivity style that works for you.

Together we will build a personal roadmap that takes you from

  • saying yes to everything to saying no to the weighted excess
  • thinking “I do not have time” to thinking “it is not my priority” ;
  • feeling drained to finding balance

By learning how to say NO to what does not serve you now, by changing your mindset and focusing on energy building habits, and by developing the courage to ask for what really matters to you, you will find you have plenty of time to write your book, expand your business, or learn to Tango.




Focus Hour: Cut the chaos.
Gain Clarity.
Create a roadmap.

Time is a choice and it is your choice.

Clarify your priorities. Choose 3 focus areas that you will concentrate on for 3 months. Create a roadmap with goals and actions to move towards what is important to you. Identify limiting beliefs and leave the session with an immediate, focus-driven action plan.

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Define your Productivity Style:
Build new habits. Learn to plan.
Find your pace

This is NOT my priority.

Running a business, writing a book, enrolling in a Tantra course, teaching the kids next door to play soccer. Want to do it all and not lose your sanity? We got you.

Over the course of a half day you will:

    • – articulate your big vision while making sure it is in alignment with your projects and priorities.
    • – understand how much time each project really needs and balance that with how much you really have.
    • – identify behaviors and mindsets that stop you from moving forward and making your big ideas a reality.
    • – create a roadmap with an action plan and weekly goals for each priority
    • – build productivity habits for life.

Leave the session a hero of your own life, with a plan and tools to move forward and make it happen.

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Productivity in Process: Combine being and doing.

Your big ideas need attention.

You are a leader, a learner, a doer. You have a lot to offer the world. But sometimes you get side tracked, overwhelmed, or you aren’t sure if what you are doing is getting you where you need to be. At this stage you need someone who can help you see the bigger picture – and this is what I do. Being a boss can be a lonely journey, and it shouldn’t be – instead I can be your partner in crime, standing by you in times of doubt as well as in times of celebration! I wear a lot of different hats for my clients: coach, business consultant, therapist, intuitive fairy, accountability partner. I focus on you and your big vision so that you can focus on being action oriented.

With weekly focus meetings, individualized action plans, and one-on-one support this system will help you stay on track with your goals, stay true to your priorities, projects & ideas, and achieve a high level of productivity minus the burn out!

1 month package:

1 x 90 minutes session

3 x 30 minutes check-in video calls


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3 month package:

Each month: 1 x 90 minutes session

3 x 30 minutes check-in video calls


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