Work is changing. Change how you work.

rework session


We’re witnessing a working revolution, and businesses must transform to survive. Flexible, fluid and human – organisations that succeed tomorrow will be built around the people working for them today. And every one of those people has their own work style – a place, pace and approach that lets them perform at their best.

In The Rework Sessions, Reem helps ambitious women and teams grasp and adapt to their innate strengths. Through live workshops, Reem will guide you to:


Map out and gain new appreciation of unique skills, strengths and styles.


Consider how current conditions and practices harness or hinder these innate ways of working.


Revise and devise strategies to make the most of individual styles, and combine them into effective, harmonious teams.

Reframe your business around its people, and make it attractive, profitable, and fighting-fit for a new working world.