Productivity lab is a platform that provides an environment in which to create a productivity style that is aligned with your life path and values. It optimizes your lifestyle to help you create more balance and take action on a daily basis.
Group participants set goals and accomplish them in a mindful manner.

Each group is limited to 8 – 10 participants.

There is no linear path to be productive and each participant will have time to experiment with different tools & methods to understand what works best for them.


– You want to stop feeling overwhelmed and focus on getting done what most essential (Write your book, launch a new workshop, implement your daily meditation practice, expand your business &, etc).
– You are ready to understand your productivity style and implement it in your everyday life.
– You are ready to slow down so you can speed up.
– You want to feel enough and recognize your accomplishments.

What Can You Expect From Participating

As a productivity/business coach with 10 years of experience, I will help everyone in the group create a productivity lifestyle that leads to increased balance and fulfillment. (I think it’s hard to deliver “happy”)

OF COURSE! It is all about getting things DONE.

  • Unique goal setting techniques based on my coaching experience
  • Accountability
  • Progress Tracking
  • An Intimate community (Each group will be created to make sure every participant can fulfill their potential)
  • Personalized Feedback
  • Learn new tools that you can apply in your everyday life

During our work together we will navigate challenges, uncover blind spots, and inspire one another. Participants get to meet new people, network and make new friends. And there will be a lot of celebrating.


2 hours of the group meeting

 3 x Video zoom call check-ins for 30-45 minutes each

4 x Productive Day Events  + Productive Sunday 

2 x Guided Meditations

PRICING for 8 WEEKS:  $499 – 699 (Sliding Scale) 

* 10% off coaching services if you need an additional 1-on-1.


Fall Group: Enrollment is open


Fall Group Coaching starts on September 21st, 2020.