Productivity Lab helps you understand your individual path to productivity and how to best integrate productivity, as a habit, into your life.

Gain Clarity, Focus, Accountability and Community.

Get personalized productivity coaching advice to execute what matters the most to you.

  • Ready to finally start being productive?
  • Tired of “being busy” without actaully getting anything done? Of reading and listening about poductivity but not being able to execute?
  • There isn’t ONE way to get things done. Let us help you figure out yours!


Monthly Membership Includes

  • 1 Focus Event to define your goals and create plans to execute them
  • 4 Virtual Productivity Events to get tasks done to achieve your goals

Optional Events
Mindfulness events to help you to feel centered and focused
Growth Opportunity Event to learn new tools & ideas to be more productive
Efficiency guide to define your productivity style
Resorce library to build your own mindfulness practice that suits you

During the month, you will:

  • Learn efficiency tools
  • Plan your month ahead using the tools
  • Complete tasks from your monthly plan
  • Become mindful and learn how to be less reactive
  • Meet new people

Monthly Membership $125
3 month $299

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Premium monthly membership Includes

  • 2 x 45 minute 1-on-1 productivity Coaching session to create a customized action plan based on your priorities.
  • Unique assessment system to discover your best productivity style
  • Productivity tools and skills to use during a 4-week sprint to productivity
  • Support & Accountability via email/text

Access to Virtual Productivity Events with time allotted for working on your goals
Access to Mindfulness events to help you to feel centered and focused
Access to Growth Opportunity Event to learn ideas for productivity
Guidelines for customized mindfulness practice if needed

During the month, you will:

  • Work with a Productivity Coach to understand yourself better and create an action plan to execute your goals/projects
  • Stay on track with your goals and achieve them on a weekly basis
  • Learn new tools and implement them in your daily life
  • Create your own mindfulness practice & routines
  • Meet inspiring members and build organic relationships.

Monthly Membership $375
2 month $699

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Efficiency Guide

There is no one way to be productive. The guide will help you to start defining your productivity style & provide tools to help you integrate it into your daily life.

Focus Event

Monthly 90 minutes planning event to narrow your priorities, set realistic goals & intentions. Create an action plan for the month ahead to execute what matters the most.

Virtual Productivity Events

Weekly 4-6 hours focus sessions to do the tasks aligned with your priorites to achieve your goals.

Guided Meditations

Weekly 60 minutes meditation session to help you be less reactive and more productive. Slowly start training your mind to be more present and kind.


Productivity Coaching *

During 1-on-1 coaching we will help you to get a better understanding of your priorities, narrow them down, get personalized advice for your idea/project. Create an action plan that will allow you to execute your tasks in a mindful way.

Progress Meetings *

A weekly 60 minute progress updates to keep you accountable, focused, inspired and on track with your action plan.

Book Club/Growth workshops

Bi-monthly reflective gathering to read books & grow together as a community and meet each other outside of productiveity mode

Mindfulness Library

A collection of resources to help you to build your own mindfulness practice.


Productivity Lab is for

Professionals, Creative Individuals, Business Owners, Artists, Students.

Individuals who have great ideas, plans for the future, or visions that will make the world a better place. But instead of executing on these ideas, plans and visions feel overwhelmed, busy and drained.

Productivity Lab is for you if you are ready to change

  • Being constantly reactive to being efficient
  • Stop being busy and gain focus so you can narrow down your priorities
  • Feeling stressed to being mindful and present
  • Not feeling like you are doing enough and finally learning to acknowledge and celebrate yourself
  • Being a lot in your head to joining community of inspiring individuals


Rave Reviews

  • This was my 3rd or 4th group coaching round, and I love how there are always improvements. With the pandemic, the whole program was done over zoom, which worked very well! An extraordinary addition is the weekly max meditation, which came at perfect timing for me. I loved that we all shared a google sheet to list our three focus areas, tasks related, and our accomplishments and struggles. Most of all, I have learned from Marina that it is essential to acknowledge, celebrate, and share your successes no matter how small they are! I enjoyed the diverse group and the possibility of learning from each other and sharing our challenges. To know that you are not the only one that struggles with certain things/ tasks is powerful. Looking forward to the next session!
    Kathrin Schmidiger Torres<br />Founder & Owner of Piamundo, Jersey City, NJ, USA
    Kathrin Schmidiger Torres
    Founder & Owner of Piamundo, Jersey City, NJ, USA
  • I am amazed at how much I can accomplish during the ProDay events. Learning to break-up my goals into shorter segments has positively impacted my work throughout the week!
    Tina de Lemps<br />CEO/Founder of The Femcho Foundation & Bro-cho
    Tina de Lemps
    CEO/Founder of The Femcho Foundation & Bro-cho


Marina Romashko is a productivity coach and founder of Big Idea Lab, an NYC based productivity coaching firm with clients in the United States, The United Kingdom, Belarus, and India.

Since 2000 she has been advising individuals and businesses on developing productivity techniques based on what is most essential to both enterprise and lifestyle.

Romashko’s productivity coaching method combines project management, leadership skills, and mindfulness techniques to help clients create unique productivity styles that are based on their individual needs and where they are at in life.

Romashko’s innate curiosity and desire to continue learning has led her to study physiology, leadership, and both western and eastern spiritual practices. She has a gift for encompassing the secular and spiritual worlds, bringing them together for the greater good.

In 2019 she co-founded Layer Technologies with Gary Riger and Alla Koretsky. Their mission is to create a simple widget that will allow clients to show brand transparency and sustainability efforts instantly in one place.

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