the rework sessions for leaders and entrepreneurs


Future-facing women, entrepreneurs and team leaders seeking innovative strategies to help them perform at their best and get the most out of their teams.


  • Motivate and engage your team. Managers account for 70% of the variance in team engagement, which means if you’re not performing, neither are the people around you.
  • Become more efficient and productive by building an approach to work that takes account of your innate strengths, pain points, inclinations and leadership style.
  • Learn to delegate effectively, and avoid micromanaging.
  • Develop better communication with your team by facilitating conversations that are honest, ongoing, and set clear expectations.
  • Develop working stamina. Keep yourself and your team motivated and productive by delegating and designing work in a way that plays to natural strengths.
  • Improve wellbeing and reduce stress by understanding the place, pace and approach that suits you, and shaping your work to match.


The course happens over four hour-long one-to-one sessions – virtual or in person – across two months.

Session 1: Reframe
A strength-focused session designed to shine new light on your innate working style. Understand how you naturally make decisions, solve problems, build relationships, communicate and lead.

Session 2: Reflect
A chance to evaluate your current work practices following the Reflect session, to consider what about your existing environment, routine, approach, and management technique is and isn’t acting in service of your natural mode.

Session 3: Rework
Building on the previous two sessions, Reem guides you to revise your current work practices and devise new strategies that harness your innate strengths and serve your natural working style.

Session 4: Revisit
Once the strategies devised in Session 3 have been implemented, a final session takes place at the right juncture for you, giving a chance to evaluate and fine tune your Reworked approach.



Get in touch for an initial consultation to discuss your needs, and how The Rework Sessions could help.