#HerStory is a panel created by the Big Idea Lab initiative to bring women from different backgrounds to share their success stories to inspire others and celebrate themselves. 

In the world today there is no single, linear path to success.  And while the old frameworks, and the very definition of the word ‘success’ itself, feel outdated we are yet to create a new way.

#HerStory ’ is an event for women wherein we try and address precisely this!

By bringing together women of varied personal and professional backgrounds to share stories about their challenges and accomplishments – both professional and personal, we hope to inspire one another and redefine what success really means. 

Through the sharing of experiences and asking of questions, together we pave the path towards a new paradigm – a new culture around success. And while it is a collective journey, each participant, panelist or attendee, has the chance to define what success means to them both from an individual and collective standpoint.


#HerStory Panel x New York City Edition 3/17/2020, NY, USA JOIN


#HerStory Panel x Jersey City Edition 11/07/2019, JC, NJ  USA RSVP

#HerStory Panel x Minsk Edition 11/18/2019, Minsk, Belarus

#HerStory Panel x Berlin Edition 11/28/2019, Berlin, Germany

The inspiration & leadership behind the panel

Marina Romashko, the founder of Big Idea Lab has met a lot of accomplished women both personally and professionally. She wanted to shine a light on their achievements and share their stories.  She wanted to not only recognize how phenomenal they are but to also inspire others to think outside of their cultural conditioning and re-imagine what it means to be a successful woman/human being.

The event format:

The length of the event around 2:30 – 3:00 hours 

 – Networking & mingle 

 – Panel 

 – QA 

 – Group Discussion Setting

 – Networking & Hugging 

Potential topics discussed during the panel: 

– The best failures & how they help to grow

– Imperfect balance recipes

– Where to get inspirations from

– Heroes who help us to grow

– Lessons Learned on the journey to success


  • A beautifully organized event.
  • A community of inspirational women & sometimes men.
  • To inspire & Be inspired.
  • Time to reflect & ask yourself important questions and find potential answers.
  • Memories & connections of a lifetime.
  • Opportunities to redifine culture. 

 #HerStory panel intiative Story

 Marina Romashko is the Founder of Big Idea Lab, a leading NYC based coaching platform that helps to create customized productivity and leadership styles for their clients.

Widely regarded as a thought leader in productivity Marina designs and facilitates workshops, group coaching modules, and 1-on-1 coaching sessions to help her clients execute a wide range of ideas and businesses. Established in 2009, Big Ideal Lab owes its success to Marina’s hands-on approach and unique methodology of combining time and energy management.

Marina Romashko is a huge believer that stories we tell about ourselves shape us and influence people around us. She always challenges women not to tell limiting stories about themselves and inspires to create stories that never existed before.  

#HerStory Panel is about sharing inspiring stories, celebrating each other and breaking through limiting beliefs so we can create new paths for success. 

#HerStory Panel initiative begun at SheConnects women’s networking platform in September 2019.

Rebecca Maxwell, the founder of SheConnects and Co-founder of Asentiv New York saw a huge potential in the panel idea and supported Marina’s Romashko initiative and provided first home for it. This initiative would never happen if two women leaders did not uplift each other.

Rebecca & Marina hope that #Her Story Panel initiative will be an inspiration for many women to uplift & support each other. 

Marina Romashko will be leading 4 #HerStory Panels for SheConnects in 2020.