The main intention of business coaching is to help
the entrepreneur/business owner to move from where they are to where they want to be.

A Business Coach wears a lot of different hats:

  • Partner in achieving your personal and business goals
  • Sounding board when making choices
  • Your motivator for strong actions
  • Mentor in personal development
  • Co-designer when developing extraordinary projects
  • Beacon during stormy time
  • Your wake up call if you do not hear your own
  • Trusted advisor in living your best life
  • Watchtower for creating balanced life where doing and being are combined in wholesome way.

Business coach helps individuals to be in a position to grow and achieve goals that they consider important. Business coaching is an interactive process that expands business people’s effectiveness at both business and life-skills and allows them to identify obstacles that can hinder them from moving forward and attaining their goals. Most importantly it helps to get to know themselves and become the leaders of their own life.

Who Marina works with?

Marina works with –
Every individual who feel overwhelmed by life and overwhelming amount of projects and responsibilities their have, who is tired of saying they are busy and want to be more productive in their personal and business life. Who are ready to create balance and road map for a life where being and doing combined in a wholesome way. He/She:

  • Should be action-oriented
  • Ready to create balance between doing and being
  • Would like to be accountable and is tired of working alone
  • Would love to surf with fear and conquer limits, beliefs and doubts
  • Accepts and concentrates on strengths rather than weaknesses
  • Is willing to find out personal time-management techniques
  • To become the leader of their life


Get things DONE efficiently


Outcomes of working with Marina

  • Learn how to know their priorities and stick with them
  • Get things DONE efficiently
  • Create a roadmap to execute their personal and professional goals
  • Overcome their fears
  • Get direction and clarity
  • Understand their true motivation
  • Connect with what truly matters
  • Laugh at themselves
  • Dance


How to work with Marina

3 Steps to Work with Marina:

Step 1

Click Here to fill out a simple questionnaire.

Step 2

She will review your answers, make sure that you are on the same page, and contact you about setting up a free 30 minute assessment. This is where we will find out if we are a good fit for each other.

Step 3

Once you have received a go ahead, you and Marina will meet in person or via phone or Skype (she works with a lot of clients around the world).
Still have questions we will be happy to respond, contact us.