Website and brand development

BIL_WRITE YOUR HAPPY_355x500pxLet’s work together – email us your idea we will give you a complimentary call to discuss your potential idea or creation of your website.
Every idea needs a home in the form of its dedicated website. It is the smartest thing to do nowadays. It is like broadcasting your idea, providing your brochure and leaving your permanent mark. Your website narrates a story about your idea and helps the world to connect with you.
We make it happen in the series of following 10 steps:
1. We understand various goals behind your idea and help to articulate them
2. We define your brand, by first exploring your brand value. We analyze deeply to understand what is so unique about you and how we can communicate it to the rest of the world
4. We design your logo and choose the layout of the website that will reflect your brand, page by page, as extensive as possible
5. We build your website, page by page, with utmost sincerity and personalization. We accompany you with every step, sharing every prototype, in case if you like to change anything
6. We create engaging and unique copy for each page, to make sure that your brand would be reflected not just in designs but also in words
7. We build SEO optimized websites, so that you can reach your audience and expand your reader base
8. We take your website through a stringent testing phase and make sure everything works perfectly before we ship it
9. We launch your project and share it with the world
10. We drink Prosecco! We celebrate together!
We make this all happen in an efficient and easy way, as we have a team of extremely talented professionals who love what they do, and deliver the work that they believe in.
Here is what our past clients say about us:

Social Media

IMG_0241-Custom2-1620x1080You have got Facebook, you have got Twitter and possibly Instagram accounts. (If you don’t, we will get it for you!)
Now you may think how I can use all of these accounts to talk about my idea or my business.
We are here to help you come up with a Strategy of what will be the best way for you to engage with your audience.
We create social media plans that will help you take your social media presence to a whole new level, and you will get a better understanding of your fans/followers, and how you can communicate with them.
We will teach you the interesting tricks on how not to spend all your valuable time on Social media and get more efficient about it. Do more in less time!
We can also do it all for you! And you won’t have to worry about anything at all.
Let’s talk about your Social media goals – schedule a free complimentary call to discuss your goals with one of our Social media Gurus.

Inbound Marketing

5161-list_klena_v_chashkeHave you heard of SEO, the importance of creating engaging content and the significance of being Active on Social media platforms?
Do you constantly think about how to convert your website visitors into prospective clients?
How to build a community – this is exactly what Inbound Marketing does by combining all the above key terms together! It doesn’t treat them separately and make sure that they all work together in the most proficient way.
Inbound Marketing has 6 major areas that cover and brings everything together and works like a team.
Step 1. Optimization of your website – by making sure that your website should be found by your audience. It is all done by using the hand-picked keywords that most likely be used by your potential clients.
Step 2. Constantly creating unique and engaging content including blog writing, newsletters, and so on that helps you connect with your audience.
Step 3. Get Social. Connect with the right audience and share the right content (from Step 3)
Step 4. Creating traffic to your website from Steps 1, 2 and 3 and making sure that visitors become prospective clients.
Step 5. Ongoing nurturing of your clients by providing them with the content they need.
Step 6. Constantly analyzing and refining our efforts so we can make sure what we do work perfectly for you!
We would love to talk to you about Inbound Marketing – Schedule a complimentary call now to get our assistance.