How often do we set goals but never really nail down HOW to achieve them?

Do we check our goals frequently enough to ensure they come to fruition?

The key is making certain that your goals and the steps to achieve them FIT INTO YOUR CURRENT LIFESTYLE.

With over 10 years of experience in project management and a diverse range of clients,
Business Coach Marina Romashko’s approach to goal setting is innovative, pragmatic and highly strategic.

She creates a loving and productive environment to help you set goals you can really achieve in your everyday life.

During the Goal Setting BOOT CAMP:

  • Uncover what your genuine priorities are and then define your top 3 goals for 2018.
  • Articulate your goals out loud in breakout sessions. The mere act of speaking aloud your intentions powerfully and mysteriously sets a new course for your life.
  • Create a roadmap to make it a reality!

What to expect — you will:

  • Work with 5 unique modules to become more aware about each major area of your life
  • Understand your priority for 2018 and choose your top 3 areas
  • Set intentions for each area and set 1 year goal
  • Create an action plan for all 3
  • Create a schedule, including weekly actions
  • At the 3 month mark, re-assess and adjust goals!
  • Create an accountability system
  • Summarize all of it in your 2018 Roadmap
  • Do group exercises and get ongoing feedback for each module
  • Receive a workbook file after the BOOT CAMP
  • Celebrate!


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I recently attended Marina’s goal setting workshop and left armed with a clear action plan of what I needed to do to accomplish both my personal and professional goals for this year. Within 24 hours of the workshop, I was able to take steps to move forward and ensure I accomplish all that I’ve set out to based on my priorities. Creating a measurable, realistic goal-setting blueprint can seem like a daunting task but with Marina’s expert guidance it’s a fun experience that sets you up for success. Thanks, Marina!
Jenny Powers
Founder, Running With Heels LLC