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Olive Persimmon

2019 Strategy Events

2/6/2019 / 6:00 pm – 9:00pm / 201 Montgomery St, Jersey City, NJ / Sign Up

Big Idea Lab has spent the last 10 years helping individuals and companies turn big ideas into reality. One thing we know for sure:

There is no one path for everyone to set goals and achieve them.

In 2019, don’t just set goals. Understand your motivations, uncover your limiting beliefs, explore how YOU get things done (not your best friend or another motivational guru). Understand you and set goals based on who you are and what is most important for you.


The mission of the Strategy Event is to help participants create customized personal road maps for 2019 based on their vision, priorities, and intentions for the year.

During the workshop we will develop your:

  • VISION: High-level projections based on your most important priorities for 2019
  • ROADMAP: 3 Months of SMART goals based on your priorities
  • PRODUCTIVITY STYLE: Your customized productivity style that you can apply weekly
  • MONTHLY ACTION PLAN: Weekly plans to help you achieve your monthly goals

What’s a Productivity Style?

Everyone has a way that they accomplish goals. At Big Idea Lab we call it productivity style. As humans, we all have different styles: HOW we get things done, WHEN we get things done, and WHY we get things done — what makes us motivated. In this workshop we will explore the style that makes you the most productive you.


  • Clearly defined priorities and intentions
  • A vision for 2019
  • Your own clearly defined productivity style
  • A 3-month plan to achieve goals based on priorities
  • Clarity, calm, excitement and satisfaction about how 2019 may look

The 3-hour workshop will include group exercises, reflection, writing exercises, meditation, and a celebration. Cake and prosecco will be enjoyed at the end of the workshop!

REGISTER (Space is limited to 12 people)