#HerStory Panel x Minsk, Belarus Edition November 18, 2019



Marina Romashko
The Panel Facilitator The founder of Big Idea Lab & Creator of #HerStory Panel Marina Romashko is the Founder of Big Idea Lab, a leading NYC based coaching platform that helps to create customized productivity and leadership styles for their clients. Widely regarded as a thought leader in productivity Marina designs and facilitates workshops, group coaching modules, and 1-on-1 coaching sessions to help her clients execute a wide range of ideas and businesses. Established in 2009, Big Ideal Lab owes its success to Marina’s hands-on approach and unique methodology of combining time and energy management. Marina Romashko is a huge believer that stories we tell about ourselves shape us and influence people around us. She always challenges women not to tell limiting stories about themselves and inspires them to create stories that never existed before. #HerStory Panel is about sharing inspiring stories, celebrating each other and breaking through limiting beliefs so we can create new paths for success.

Founder of the projects ProWomen By, Botanika. Ambassador of World Women's Entrepreneurship Day in Belarus. Specialist in marketing and communications, brand strategist.

musician, ideological inspirer and head of international projects in Belarus and Germany. A graduate of the Belarusian Academy of Music and the Higher School of Music in Stuttgart. Creator of the author’s project “Adult Music Lessons” and co-founder of the international platform InterAKT Initiative. Art director of the cultural hub ok16.

Dinosaur Marketing (over 20 years of experience: IT, medicine, finance). Hereditary businessman. Co-founder of the Startup By Women community (2011-2015, Belarus).

Director of the public association “Cooperation of business and creative women”, founder and leader of the online project “Belarusian Women's Network”. Inspirer of various projects for a female audience. Together with like-minded people, it helps women to reveal their potential, creative and business opportunities, open their own business, take place as a professional in their favorite profession, and be a bright personality.

Psychologist with 20 years of experience. He leads a support group for cancer patients, a course in oncopsychology. Works with children and their families.

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by Evgenia Naletskaya