#HerStory Panel Berlin, Germany Edition November 28, 2019



Marina Romashko
The Panel Facilitator The founder of Big Idea Lab & Creator of #HerStory Panel Marina Romashko is the Founder of Big Idea Lab, a leading NYC based coaching platform that helps to create customized productivity and leadership styles for their clients. Widely regarded as a thought leader in productivity Marina designs and facilitates workshops, group coaching modules, and 1-on-1 coaching sessions to help her clients execute a wide range of ideas and businesses. Established in 2009, Big Ideal Lab owes its success to Marina’s hands-on approach and unique methodology of combining time and energy management. Marina Romashko is a huge believer that stories we tell about ourselves shape us and influence people around us. She always challenges women not to tell limiting stories about themselves and inspires them to create stories that never existed before. #HerStory Panel is about sharing inspiring stories, celebrating each other and breaking through limiting beliefs so we can create new paths for success.

Achan Malonda
Achan Malonda is a singer living in Berlin. She grew up between eclectic musical influences (Mamas records, concert choir and punk band), studied media economics before she gave the Sarabi to the "King of the Lions". In Hamburg she also became part of the multicultural showgirl collective ChixxClique. Since 2013 she lives in Berlin, writes songs (Jokasong @BMG Rights), blogs and curates art. The debut EP "Mondin" was released in 2019 under the name MALONDA.

Author BMG Rights, Musician Host @frau_malonda

Elisabeth Sinner
She is a passionate enabler of "teamwork makes the dream work". She started in her role as Junior Agile Coach at fable+, an agile coaching start -up, headquartered in Germany. Being driven by her passion and belief in the start -ups mission “Healing Organizations” she was part of the team building and creating fable+ ́ New York office in 2019. Having a career background in marketing and sales in big corporates, Elisabeth experienced rigid systems and low failure tolerance as impediments for her personal and professional development. To induce a change in society Elisabeth is now focused on driving agility in organizations by setting a foundation for understanding the growth mindset. She believes in creating an awesome work environment that increases everybody's satisfaction and commitment which she experiences every day at fable+.

Agile coach at FablePlus www.fableplus.com

Elain Tse
Elain was a management consultant for 9 years in PwC and Capgemini, before she became the COO of a smaller company Passion.io for a bigger impact. She is obsessed with ways to make people more passionate at work, e.g. remote working, Ikigai.

Elain Tse, the COO Passion IO - Passion.io

Ingrid Yeboah
Ingrid Adjoa is Studied law in Hanover, Düsseldorf and New York. After graduating from law school in 2010 she chose a different path and started working as an artist and legal manager. There she was representing musicians, actors, and tv-hosts and tried to promote their career by developing marketing concepts and initiate contacts with decision-makers. After almost six years of working as an artist manager, she went back to university (HU Berlin) where she pursued a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in IP/ Media law. At that point, she decided to return to her roots and founded her own law firm where she since then giving legal advice on all topics concerning the entertainment Industry.

Attorney, IY.Legal

Karin Kiesl
Karin Kiesl is EXPERT IN STRATEGIC MARKETING, MARKET RESEARCH, FMCG, DESIGN THINKING at Fact & Stories & Co-Founder at StoryGarage. Karin offers a holistic view of marketing and market research in an entrepreneurial context, as well as solution-oriented practical and implementation know-how, the ability to think outside the box and a healthy pragmatism.

Facts and stories www.factsandstories.de

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