21 fun steps experiment to slow down and drop the hustle daily.

Join 21 days experiment to create more mindful moments and meaningful actions in your daily life.

Whether you are a lawyer in Mongolia, a babysitter in Brooklyn, a son in India or a mother in Paris we all have a similar feeling of being a little too busy at times. This, the purpose of the experiment is to bring more moments when we feel present and enjoy our everyday life.

Sometimes it only takes 30 seconds a day, we all have to start somewhere.

Join for free, and we guarantee, it will make you smile.

21 fun steps experiment was brought to you by TOTO – Olya Tsikhanchuk Design , and Big Idea Lab. Collaboration of a Designer, Olya Tsikhanchuk and a Business coach, Marina Romashko who care about mindfulness and fun A LOT and decided to inject it into everyone’s daily life. Read their story.

Olya & Marina’s story

Hello Friends,

I am Olya Tsikhanchuk, a designer and I am Marina Romashko, a business coach and here is our story.

We both were born and raised in Belarus. We have never met in real life and we really became friends thankfully to Instagram. Our profiles resonated and we got in touch and after the very first skype conversation we knew we wanted to create something good together.

We have different styles and of life, countries, and backgrounds. Marina is currently a New Yorker, surfer, entrepreneur, spinster and cat owner. Olya is a mother, wife, designer, lives in beautiful small town in Finland (with a charming name Nykarleby), and owns a big dog.

We both deeply care about creativity, flow, mindfulness and creating beauty that provides change in our environment.

We hope this experiment will help you to slow down, smile more, be present and sometimes to connect with that side of yourself that you forget about because you are just too busy.

Marina's STORY

Marina's STORY

Founder of Big IDEA Lab
Marina Romashko is a founder of Big IDEA Lab. She is a producer, Business and IDEA coach. She helps people transform ideas into reality.

Her clients have been featured in New York Times, Lenny Letter, BBC, CNN, Time Out, Tribeca Film Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Hollywood Reporter; they’ve made Amazon Best Of Lists, received the Gotham Award, signed multiple book deals, and garnered many five star reviews. Yet these accolades were never the goal. The goal was always to go after an idea while creating a balanced lifestyle that brought more joy than stress.

Marina works with business owners and creative novel writers and poets, singers and entrepreneurs, finance experts and comedians, yoga teachers and professors.

In free time she is learning how to surf, bakes a new cake per month, dances and she is currently dating Buddha :).

Read more about Marina here.

Olya’s story

Olya’s story

Graphic designer
Olya is changing her career path and is thrilled about it. After having worked for more than 9 years as a language teacher, she is chasing her inner calling and is studying to became a graphic designer.

Creativity is a part and parcel of her live, whether it is creating art, an activity for her restless toddler, or a dinner for the family. Having a positive attitude and finding the good in any situation has made her life less stressful and more mindful.

Olya hopes to make this world a better place and she starts small - with her passion for creating beautiful positive imagery. She believes in the power of kind-hearted people!